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Since mentioning this in the November Magazine I have been told that the trees can only be planted on public accessable land, and not on private land.

I'm sorry for this change from last year.

However, if you know of any areas of public accessable land where trees could be planted I would love to hear from you.


As part of the initiative to plant more trees in Cornwall to absorbe carbon dioxide, I may be able to get free trees for planting on public accessable land in St Tudy parish.

Trees could also be planted in the surrounding parishes.

These will be small bare root saplings.

Last year we planted 150 trees shared between 8 villagers and the new cemetery.

Can we plant 200 this year!

One of the five Memorial Oaks for fallen of WW2 in the new cemetery

Mixed hedge planted at the end of the new cemetery


Tree List

The species vary a little from last season.

Pack 1. Parkland

10 x English Oak

10 x Common Alder

10 x Beech (common/green)

10 x Silver Birch

10 x Hornbeam


Pack 2. Large Plot

10 x Downy Birch

10 x Mountain Ash/Rowan

10 x Aspen

10 x Wild Cherry

10 x Field Maple


Pack 3. Small Plot

10 x Mountain Ash/Rowan

10 x Bird Cherry

10 x Hazel

10 x Common Crab Apple

10 x Grey Willow


Pack 4. Wildlife & Shrubs

10 x Blackthorn

10 x Hawthorn

10 x Common Dogwood

10 x Goat Willow

10 x Dog Rose

(this pack contains some hedgerow varieties, but is not a pure hedgerow pack)

A spirol tree guard and a support cane is included for each sappling.


Paul Tucker



(Volunteer Tree Warden for St Tudy Parish)


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